Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween treats for all!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the day when the dead walk amongst the living, I've posted my award-winning horror short film, Enter the Dark on YouTube and Vimeo for all to enjoy absolutely free.

Just make sure to watch it fullscreen. At night. With the lights off!
Then, if you liked what you saw, you could help me out tremendously by heading over to our facebook page and "liking" us (I know, that sounds so 8th grade pathetic and needy).  And also bop on over to out IMDB page and give us a great rating (somehow I don't think 6.2 stars quite does the film justice).
...and remember please, please, take out all batteries from children's toys when not in use.  They really can be quite a nuisance when taken over by evil spirits.  You'll thank be later.
Trust me.