Friday, February 17, 2012

Spend a buck to help a starving artist!

Ok folks, I don't ask for much and I rarely beg, but I just got this email, so hopefully y'all can help me out:

"Dear Todd,
With two days left we wanted you to know that your film "Enter The Dark" is only 12 purchases away from being in second place in the Social Shorty Contest.
In other words, if 12 of your friends purchase your film for $1 each, you will be in second place and you could win the $1000 second place prize.
You are so close! Good luck!"

So please, if you have a second, bop on over to  sign up and search for "Enter the Dark". Fork over the ungodly sum of $1 and watch with the lights out (or not).

Hopefully with your help I can win this baby and scrape together some cashola for my next short film project!



  1. The marketing team at Monkeybars is to be commended. Because here I, a similarly starving artist (and *not* generally a purveyor of horror flicks) go! . . .

  2. Watched, was disturbed, enjoyed! It reminds me (and this is a compliment of the highest order) of an NPR Old Time Radio broadcast I heard a few years back. The plot is far different, but the tone made it stick with me til now, and I think your short will do the same. Kudos!

  3. Thanks so much! When writing the script for ETD, I kept thinking about the formula and pacing of the old Twilight Zone episodes - initial setup, growing tension, with a twist at the end, so that was definitely my intent.


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