Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enter the Dark summer updates

So, it's been a while since I posted about my little bundle of cinematic chills - or about anything for that matter.  Seems like "real life" has been taking most of my time lately. My day job as freelance video editor has finally picked up again and since I've been quite slow the past two years, it's been time to simply bear down and bank some coin.

This is good since it means I can continue to do the little things like pay my mortgage and keep our house.  But it's also quite draining so there's been little time for much else.

However, the 2011 Enter the Dark World Tour continues with or without me!  It's been doing tremendously, making the rounds and picking up awards along the way.  Here's some spots our short film has screened since last we met:

- Seattle True Independent Film Festival
- Fright Night Film Fest - Louisville, KY
- Pittsburgh Horror Film Fest
- Motor City Nightmares - Michigan
- Tumbleweed Film Festival - Washington
- Action On Film International Film Festival - Pasadena

In addition, we will be screening at a number of upcoming festivals:

Tuesday, Aug 23, 4pm - Abington Theater, NYC

Friday, Sept 2,  10pm - Atlanta, Georgia

Sept. 8 -17 - Toronto, Ontario

Thursday, Sept 15, 10:30pm  - Atlanta Georgia

Friday, Sept 23, 11pm - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Saturday, Oct 29 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

If you're within spittin' distance of any of these events, please come on out and show your support!
We were also fortunate to have won a few awards, so I now have a growing collection of sharp-edged acrylic monoliths and other cool momentos:

Best Horror Short - Indie Spirit Film Festival:

Best Short Thriller - Bare Bones Film Festival:

Best Scare - Famous Monsters of Filmland Imagi-Movies:
Now that's really cool - I got a BANNER for that baby!

Best Paranormal Short - Fear Fete Horror Film Festival:
Now I haven't actually received this lil' shirt-ripping dude yet, but I hope they'll send me one.  How sweet is that!

In June we also screened in my neck of the woods at Another Hole in the Head Film Fest at the Roxie in San Francisco.  This was especially rewarding as I attended film school at S.F. State, so it felt like a homecoming celebration for film finals.  Most of the cast and crew (as well as many friends and family) were able to attend the screenings, and actor Charles Yoakum and I were able to do a Q&A session afterwards.  All in all, a tremendous time and one of those moments that makes it all worthwhile.
Outside the Roxie with Alaina Yoakum (Charles' wife) and hey, there's my dad too on the right!
Yep, that's me with Kristin Nelder - Assistant Camera, Gaffer, and all-around great person.
Charles and I gabbin' it up.

As Enter the Dark nears the end of it's festival run, I am starting to gather the inspiration for the next short film.  Once I get a little downtime, I'll jump on that baby and hopefully start shooting spring of 2012.  Can't talk much about that one yet, but I'll leave you with this little visual nugget to chew on: