Friday, December 18, 2009

Turn $300 into $30 Million!

Ok, so I'm sure you've heard about this one:

From Uruguay to Hollywood

Now first off, good for him. Any story of newbie signing a huge deal sets a precedent that can only be good for us other indy filmmakers.

However, three things pop into my mind:

1) I can understand hiring the guy as a special effects supervisor or something, but a director? Puh-leeze. Take the robots away and what do you have? Story? Human interaction?

2) Even if he is a director, does hollywood really need another Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay?

3) I'm sick of these ridiculous budget numbers - $300 - really? Like how about the cost of your computer, or Maya, or After Effects, or Final Cut, or the stolen music? It's still micro-budget, but to make that clip from scratch is at least $10,000.

that's all for now - get back to work...


  1. This is a very impressive video. I've seen plenty of "student films" in my time, and this one ranks high for visual style, efficiency, and energy. I wouldn't fault him for lacking a story -- it's a short, it doesn't need a story. And if they hired him as a director, that doesn't mean they didn't hire a writer too! :)

    I have some respect for Sam Raimi, I imagine he'll make sure he gets a decent product out of this guy... Personally, I'm elated that someone was able to vault straight from YouTube poverty to Big-Budget Director!

    You're right, though, no one ever factors the cost of the computer or camera or software into the "indie" budget -- that would totally kill the low-budget street-cred! On the other hand, you buy this stuff for a more general purpose than making one particular movie... So how would you factor those "capital costs" into the "budget" of just one of perhaps many projects that are produced using that same equipment over a period of probably years?

    (Not to mention, he might very well have begged, borrowed, and stolen to get it done. People do what they have to do. For example, my guess is the software he used was pirated.)

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