Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All You Photoshop Geeks - Check Out New Content Aware Fill Tool

Wow - check out this demo of the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS5 and the new Content Aware Fill Tool.

For any of you who have had to painstakingly recreate backgrounds for areas where you had to remove something, prepare to weep at the ease at which this new tool gets the job done.  I know I've spent many an hour Clone-Stamping walls, floors, skies, etc after a client asked to "just move that couch over there...".

Of course you do realize this also means we're all out of a job, because you know, I used to be able to actually bill for those hours of work.

Oh well, progress marches on...


  1. I have to say, that is pretty damn impressive. Imagine what this means for filmmakers. In the next five years or so we could could completely restore unusable shots without months and months of special effects work.

  2. I want to have that one! >0<
    Well, with that Adobe Photoshop, we can do more work in less time! Energy saver!
    The only problem is alot of people are paid by time limit...

  3. Progress marches on was a great quote for a changing world.

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