Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Name my Movie!

Ok dear readers... time to get to work.

I've completed principal photography on my horror short movie that up to this point I've been calling Spook Hunt.
After finishing the first rough cut, it has become obvious that the title is not doing the movie justice.

I need another title.

Here is where you come in.

First, read the following synopsis of the movie, watch the new opening scene, and then look over the list of possible names.
Let me know what best matches the feel of the movie and also grabs your attention.

Spook Hunt is a short film that takes you into the dark recesses of a haunted house and the even darker fathoms of the human soul.

Charles has a problem.  There's something in his house scaring his family and it just won't leave them alone.  They've all heard voices, seen dark shapes moving in the shadows, felt that uneasy sensation of being watched.  Finally Charles captures something on his audio recorder that proves they're not all going crazy.  He decides to make a stand, enlisting the help of his long-time buddy, Rob Tupper, to delve into the mystery of his unwanted guest and hopefully send it on its way.  If they can somehow figure out what the entity is and what it wants, maybe they can all finally have some peace.

Rob's worried about his buddy.  He's been acting really strange lately ... well, even stranger than usual.  Rob knows that things have been rough for Charles - struggling to make ends meet in a down economy, dealing with the unexplained disappearance of his brother-in-law, Marcus, and now these claims of some ghost harassing his family.  Rob is skeptical that there's anything paranormal going on, but he agrees to help his friend out if only to find out the real nature of the problem.
With the lights out, they are led on an adventure of paranormal encounters: cold spots, an eerie talking children's book, unexplained apparitions and a final mystery that leads to an unforgettably disturbing ending.

Ok, now to the possible titles:

Elemental Fear
Primal Darkness
Up From the Dark
From the Darkness
Enter the Dark

Turn Out the Lights

Out Go the Lights
The Disembodied

Deliver the Darkness
Among the Darkness
Among the Shadows

Alone in the Darkness

Don’t Fear the Darkness
Don’t Dread the Night

Dread the Night

Dread of Night
Into the Dead of Night
Into the Dark of Night
Whispers of Dread

Night of the Abyss

Abyss of Night
Into The Abyss
The Inhabitant

Alright, now get to work and VOTE!


  1. I really like The Inhabitant as well as Deliver. Looks like it'll get the anxiety working. Good luck with the selection.

  2. The Inhabitant sounds really cool, pure and scary, watching opening scene with this name in mind makes you feel there's someone watching these guys.

    The Inhabitant.

    Good luck with the movie! Looking forward to see more....

  3. I'm thinking of:
    "The Night of dis-Equilibrium"
    It's good (the video), really good! Good luck!!

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