Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teal and Orange offender of the month

This month's offender for biggest misuse of teal and orange goes to that great romantic comedy that everyone no one is talking about, The Switch. I guess if you fail at making an original, funny, and memorable movie, at least you can make it look original.

Oh wait...

You guys gotta stop making this so easy for me.  I mean really.

 This one I really like - I mean since you're already wearing the teal dress, you might as well adorn it with those beautiful orange flowers.

 Again, I have nothing against tweaking a shot so the backgrounds are generally cooler and the foregrounds and actors are generally warmer - I get it, I really do.   What drives me ape$H!T is the effing teal background color.  Not blue, but practically green.

Hey, nice day for a muscle shirt.  I wonder what color I happen to have today...
Here we go - finally a nice shot with some natural greens and browns - even a touch of violet.  Thank you Cinematographer and Colorist. Oh wait, what the eff is that kid wearing?  Oh look, it's a two-tone puffy vest.  No, it's an effing ORANGE AND TEAL two-tone puffy vest!!!  DAMN YOU ART DIRECTOR!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

Please someone put me out of my misery.  I'm pretty sure when I was growing up those things were like solid navy blue or nasty grungy red.

Oh well, there's always next month...


  1. I wonder what the actors think after they see it. The wardrobe probably doesn't seem odd until you see it with digital change. They're going along with bright cheery sets only to have them saturated with moodiness.

  2. My wife has become an orange and teal denier.
    Whenever I point out a hideous commercial or movie trailer, or tv show, or anything visual that's nothing but peach and teal these days, she claims either not to see it, or it's just something wrong with the tv.
    I'm waiting for it to become an issue in the upcoming elections.

    On a technical note, maybe the next wave of 3D glasses will feature peach and teal lenses rather than red and blue.

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  3. This orange and teal thing is always so funny. I don't usually notice when watching things unless making a point to look for it but, then again, I don't watch much of anything now-a-days. XD

    Great, I'ma try catching the trailer again and see if it makes me giggle.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the orange-scale!

  5. Judging by this still you might have next months winner in the bag.

    Love the blog.

  6. Funny Thing: Been watching a lot of House the past month or so and wow, teal & orange everywhere! XD

  7. check out whats being done with the Aliens remaster

  8. one of my students had pointed out this blog post in a previous semester - took me a while, but I finally found it again...

    What you are seeing is not a conspiracy to color correct movies to teal and orange, you are seeing CTB & CTO, aka, Color Temperature Blue & Color Temperature Orange. CTB often is diffused and usually is recognized toward the Cyan or Teal shade when converted to a video signal or Telecine transfer.

    These are the two color frequencies that exist in nature and have been the basis for color film, since color started. It has traditionally been referred to as "Daylight" vs. "Tungsten" or "Indoor" film. Any professional DP would tell you, when lighting for film CTB & CTO must be considered to create a "natural" or "un-lit" look to the shot composition. You will find this in all color cinema.

    This is an example of some techniques that set amateurs apart from professionals. An amateur would simply "white balance" and make everything look the same, when in nature nothing is ever balanced to the same color temperatures. A professional would consider the differences in CTB & CTO that may exist naturally in a shot and gel or color correct for a natural look.

    The examples posted in this blog are clearly perfect examples of the difference in CTB & CTO to create a very natural look of Street Lights vs. Skylight, and/or Foreground Light/Temperatures vs. Background Light/Temperatures, etc. These shots are not color altered to teal & orange, but retimed for exposure and color "corrected" to natural existing CTB & CTO.

    E.Alan Contino
    Chief of Research Engineering, Virtual Theatricality Laboratory
    Visual Effects Supervisor, Idiosynchratic Films

  9. Bullcrap. They HEAVILY OVERDO IT in the color correction suite AND onset, I've seen it done myself. Movies DID NOT USED TO LOOK LIKE THIS. White balance it to be all the same? Or to reflect REALITY? Show me a movie made before the last 10 or 15 years that looks like this? Go ahead... I'm waiting.

    Tell me, then, what do you think of movies like Dog Day Afternoon and The Exorcist... how about The Godfather? The Shining? Are these movies not 'correct'?

  10. The more Orange & Teal posts, the better. I'm currently working on the theory that every script tries to drop in the words "Fucking A", whilst every director tries to capture the number "23" in each movie. So far I'm finding it is a worrying >50% hit rate for both of these :\

  11. I just found a contestant for dumbest use of teal ever. "Lottery Ticket" the trailer shows people wearing lot of teal clothes, but the whole cast are black, so there is no orange to contrast against.

  12. Have you seen the trailer for the Tourist? It's so freakin' orange and teal that the titles are orange and teal. Ridiculous.

  13. This is an affectation, and nothing to do with creativity. Bung on some teal & orange to make it look like every other film. Agree with Frank - look at The Shining, Exorcist etc. Show us how they botched up without the aid of colour correction...

  14. Some studies showed little girls like pink and purple, and a trip down the toy store aisle will show that nearly every toy aimed at girls is packaged in pink and purple. Isn't this the same logic? Hit movies are peach and teal, therefore... the horror of "The King's Speech" Oscar sweep is that this plague is not going to go away any time soon.

  15. Here's next:

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