Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enter the Dark - updates

First off I'm excited to report that Enter the Dark is now available via IndieFlix!

- $1.95 for 30-day stream
- $5.95 for a DVD that you can keep forever and use to scare your friends.

For anyone who has been under a rock for the last six months, Enter the Dark is a short horror movie that I wrote and directed (and edited and produced, yadaa yadaa...).  It tells the story of two buddies who are led on an adventure of paranormal encounters: cold spots, an eerie talking children's book, unexplained apparitions and a final mystery that leads to an unforgettably disturbing ending.

Or something like that.

Yeah, I know it sounds a lot like Paranormal Activity, but trust me... it's a lot different.  In a good way.

It has been getting some great buzz and positive reviews as it has made its way through the film festival circuit.

Speaking of which...

Enter the Dark will be playing at the Dark Carnival Film Festival, Saturday November 20th at 4:00 in lovely Bloomington, Indiana.  It looks like a cool festival with none other than Joe Bob Briggs hosting this year's festivities.  Joe Bob says check it out!

At that same festival, we have just been nominated for three awards:

- Best Short
- Best Editing
- Best Supporting Actor (my buddy, Rob Sandusky)

See, I told you we've been getting good buzz.  Fingers crossed - hopefully we can bring home some hardware.

In other news, the team from Enter the Dark recently had a great time attending the screening at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.
(L-R) Actor, Charles Yoakum, Writer/Director(and blogger)Todd MirĂ³, Sound Recordist Ben Weiner & 2nd Unit DP/Assistant Cameraman Eduardo Silva outside the Sacramento Horror Film Festival 

The festival was very well organized and we screened in a block of very good shorts, including the very funny, award-winning, The Familiar.  Charles and I were able to do a little Q&A session with emcee, and filmmaker, Blake Reigle who had a tremendous knowledge of the horror genre and asked intelligent, and interesting questions.

Although I was nervous at first, Blake put me right at ease.

Charles has 'em cracking up as usual...
I was able to speak with some other attending filmmakers including James Tuverson (Zombies Take the School Yard), Matthew Roth (The Man Who Collected Food), and Producer Ethan Cushing (Devil's Creek).  Needless to say the atmosphere and experience was much better than what happened to us in Chicago.

That's all for now from the indieworld!


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