Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Favorite All-Time Lovecraftisms

You know, those, antiquated adjectives or quirky twists of a phrase that are so uniquely H.P. Lovecraft:
- cyclopean cities
- sky-flung monoliths
- unnatural geometry
- tottering houses
- gulfs of time
- incomprehensible realms
- unnamable, unmentionable
- undreamable abysses
- swarthy
- eldritch
- Stygian, Phrygian
- leered mockingly
- loathsome tittering
- bloated corpulence
- unhallowed blasphemies
- immemorial lunacy
- shambling forms
- spectral moonlight
- shapeless things
- "The ___ in/of the____"   story titles

What are some of your favorites?


  1. I loved the list. I read it aloud to my baby girl, in a very ominous voice. She'd squeal or gasp at various intervals throughout. I then began reading up on him afterward and am sad that I'd never heard of him prior to this post. Thanks for an interesting lead to research...and of course 2 minutes of entertainment for my little one.

  2. My favorite Lovecraft selections are whole sentences, ripped out of the climaxes of his stories. They're so beautifully ridiculous, it's breathtaking.

    Like this one from At The Mountains of Madness:

    "The sky above was a churning and opalescent mass of tenuous ice-vapours, and the cold clutched at our vitals."

  3. You forgot "space-time continuum". I can't count how many times I found it in his stories.

  4. Don't forget "damnably suggestive!"