Monday, January 31, 2011

Bleedfest needs your help!

My good friends Elisabeth and Brenda Fies could use a little help:

HELP! We have less than 1 week to meet our financial goal. We need to meet our goal to SAVE BleedFest from folding. We're doing what we said we would by bringing you badass genre films directed, produced and written by women... in addition to honoring a badass awesome man each month. Do you need something else from us in order to assist us in our cause? Thank you in Advance for being a BleedFest HERO!

Check out all the great things Lis and Brenda are doing with their monthly indie film fest Bleedfest.

We are passionate about raising the visibility of indie genre movies by female filmmakers.

BleedFest Values: Empowerment, Partnership, Fun, Self-Expression

BleedFest fetes the women who love writing, producing, directing, and watching badass genre movies: horror, thriller, action, sci-fi, western, exploitation, B-movie, and erotica. We also screen a few male filmmakers who
have empowering and edgy female protagonists; their work screens out of competition and receives our "Partnership Award". Our mission is to spotlight these bold films and their fearless makers, and prove to the world that the derogatory term "chick flick" needs to be retired.

Sound good?  Then bounce on over to IndieGoGo and spread a little love their way to help keep the festival alive!

Many thanks!