Monday, January 31, 2011

Inside a color grading session

Stu Maschwitz, the amazing DV Rebel himself, has posted an incredibly illuminating vimeo clip of a recent color grading session, using his Colorista II plugin for After Effects and Final Cut.

Now the skeptic may say, "Hey, this is just one big demo to pitch his software", and while this may indeed be true, it overlooks the fact that Stu presents an amazing wealth of information on all things color.  And it happens to be free.  You not only get to see the toolset in action, but more importantly, Stu's thought process as he is grading.  And that is indeed priceless.

07 - Color Correcting Food with Magic Bullet Colorista II from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

Just please folks, all I ask is that you promise me you will use this knowledge for good...

Not Orange and Teal!

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